Fire Safety Ambassadors Award Scheme
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  • To encourage Fire Safety Ambassadors (FSAs) and FSA Trainers to actively participate in fire protection promotion activities and assist the Fire Services Department (FSD) in disseminating fire protection messages in the community.
  • To commend FSAs or FSA Trainers for their contribution in helping foster a fire safety culture.



  • All FSAs and FSA Trainers are welcome to join the Scheme.


Calculation of Merit Points

Merit points can be earned by reporting or helping abate fire hazards, assisting in organising fire protection promotion activities or FSA Club activities, participating in FSD activities, etc.  The points are awarded based on the nature of services provided or contribution made.  See the table below for details:


Service/Contribution Points Awarded
(per service provided or contribution made)
Accumulation Limit

Reporting fire hazards

5 points

50 points

Closing wedged-open smoke stop doors.

1 point

30 points

Assisting in organising fire drill / fire protection promotion activities.

10 points

50 points

Assisting in distributing fire safety leaflets/pamphlets to the public in specific events (e.g., fire station, FASA open days or fire protection exhibitions).

10 points

50 points
Assisting in manning fire protection exhibition booths or game stalls.

10 points

50 points

Participating in FSD sports activities. (e.g., taking part in swimming galas or athletic meets or cheerleading in such events).

10 points

50 points

Contributing articles or photos to the Fire Safety Ambassador Newsletter which are later published.

10 points

50 points

Assisting in the FSA/BFSE administrative work.

10 points

50 points

Offering practical suggestions for the betterment of the FSA / BFSE Scheme which are eventually adopted.

10 points

50 points

Organizing FSA training courses (for FSA Trainers only).

1 point

(per FSA trained)

30 points

Referring new participants to the FSA / BFSE Scheme.

1 point

(per new participant)

30 points

Special contribution – Prior to the arrival of FSD personnel of incidents, i. Administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and/or using an automated external defibrillator (AED) to deliver electrical defibrillation shocks to patients. ii. Performing in firefighting or rescue at scenes.

Maximum 20 points


(Note: Adjustments were made to the calculation of merit points in 2007 to reflect more accurately the nature of various services or contributions.)



Merit points are calculated on a yearly basis, beginning on 1 October of a year and ending on 30 September of the following year.  The following awards will be presented to FSAs and FSA Trainers who have accumulated specified points in a year:


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Please contact the Support Division of the FSD at 2170 9635 / 2170 9629.