Scheme Introduction
Building Fire Safety Envoy path-arrow Scheme Introduction
Aim - To create a safer living environment for building residents in Hong Kong.

Mission of Building Fire Safety Envoys (BFSE)

  • To provide owners and occupants of buildings and staff of property management companies with building fire prevention training, and promote their awareness of fire safety in their buildings;
  • To strengthen communication between fire

    stations in various districts and building residents; and
  • To foster collaborative partnerships between Fire Services Department (FSD) and the public, so as to build a safer community.


Target Participants

      Any person over 18 years of age:

  • Staff of property management companies;
  • Member of incorporated owners of buildings
  • Owners or occupants of buildings including "Three nil buildings"



How to become a Building Fire Safety Envoy (BFSE)

  • Participants are required to complete the Foundation and Advanced Courses for Building Fire Safety Envoys;
  • Participants who have been appointed as Fire Safety Ambassadors may enrol for Advanced Course directly; and
  • The appointment of Building Fire Safety Envoy is valid for life. In case the Envoy wishes to renounce the appointment, he/she can submit an application to the Support Division of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.


Function of BFSEs

  • To ensure that the fire service installations and equipment in the building are inspected by a registered fire service installation contractor at least once every 12 months;
  • To report or refer cases of “fire hazard” and irregularities to fire station or the authorities concerned;
  • To disseminate fire protection messages to building residents at residents’ meetings or regular meetings of incorporated owners, so as to enhance their awareness of fire safety;
  • To liaise with fire station in respective regions and assist in organizing and promoting fire, fire drills, fire prevention talks, fire safety publicity activities;

  • In case of fire or emergency, assist in evacuating the elderly and the disabled.


Content of BFSE Training


The training consists of four parts:


Introduction of BFSE and HKFSD Basic Training Advanced Training Practical Training


The Foundation Course mainly serves to impart basic fire services knowledge to BFSEs and its contents are similar to that of the Fire Safety Ambassador Course. The Advanced Course goes into greater details. For example, explications of the Fire Services Ordinance and the relevant forms of the Fire Services Department, etc., will be included.


Having completed the Foundation Course, participants will be appointed as Fire Safety Ambassador. Even if they do not assume the role of Building Fire Safety Envoys in the future, the appointment as Fire Safety Ambassador is still valid.


"Building Fire Safety Envoys" who have attended and completed the Fire Safety Ambassador Training Course may enroll for advanced and practical training directly. Note: Qualified participant will be appointed as Building Fire Safety Envoy upon completion of the course and award an appointment certificate.


Points to note


Building Fire Safety Envoys are not allowed to use their appointed status to conduct any commercial activities, including the promotion of fire protection or fire-fighting equipment, or to hold fire prevention seminars for a fee.